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The Benefits of Winter Tires for your Nissan

The winter season in Brockton, Stoughton, and Randolph can be filled with anything from snow to ice to sleet. With all of winter weather that goes through this area, it can result in icy and snow road conditions that can make it more difficult to get your destination. While driving slower can help avoid slipping and sliding, putting winter tires to your vehicle and pairing it with careful driving can help you a great deal. Unfortunately, not all drivers think they do not need winter tires nor do they understand the full benefits of having them on their Nissan. So Nissan 24 is helping drivers by listing and explaining some of the many benefits for using winter tires in the area below.

Provides Better Traction

Winter tires feature a unique tread and tread compound that helps your Nissan’s performance in the winter. They’re specifically designed to withstand the cold. The tread is made with a high sipe density that grip on the winter roads to provide enhanced traction when driving. Plus these tires have wide grooves that help get snow, ice, water, and slush away from the surface of the tire to maintain more contact with the road for better traction.

Enhance Performance

Vehicles that have traction control and Anti-Lock Braking System can still use winter tires to provide a great performance during the season. With using just these systems alone, you can experience better control as they help avoid wheel spins and brake lock ups when trying to stop on slippery roads, but these systems do not help enhance traction. By adding winter tires, you’ll experience both the benefits and functions of the systems in your car and the traction from the winter tires needed to get you through the season.

Prolonged Tire Life

When the weather warms up, and the snow begins to clear, you switch your winter tires back to your usual tires like an all-weather tire. By doing this, both your winter tires and your all-weather tires have a prolonged lifespan. In the winter, you use one set of tires specifically for the weather, so you put your regular tires away, giving them a small break. In the spring, you switch back to your normal tires, thus giving you winter tires a break. All in all, doing this allows you to buy new tires after longer periods of time.

Snow and cold weather are already Stoughton, Randolph, and Brockton, and of course, with snow and cold weather comes the winter weather road conditions that have drivers in the area struggling to where they need to go. So this season, grab yourself a set of four winter tires four your Nissan and get the traction it needs to get to your destination.

Experience the benefits of winter tires this season. Talk to one of Nissan 24’s service advisors about getting a set for your Nissan this season. Plus check out our showroom, to see or schedule a test drive of Nissan models that will work to get you where you need to go even in winter conditions.