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Brockton’s Best Indoor Winter Activities

As the winter season continues in Brockton, Stoughton, and Randolph parents all over the area could be scrambling to find entertaining activities for their kids to enjoy. As an added obstacle, they’re scrambling to find indoor activities to keep their kids warm and entertain during this cold winter. Fortunately, Nissan 24 is helping customers with more than just automotive services. We’ve listed some great and entertaining attractions for the whole family to enjoy, and they’re all indoors.

Rock Spot Climbing

Rock Spot Climbing on Boston is great for kids of all ages who tend to be more energetic than some. Here you and your kids can experience the world of rock climbing and even develop a great relationship with then through team building. Plus, for teenagers in the area, it’s a great place to head to with your friends. For those adventurous couples, Rock Split Climbing is great for a nice unique date. Kids can also enjoy after school classes and birthday parties.


For the younger children who are craving to play on an actual playground, you can take them to Kidsports right in Stoughton. Here, it features a unique children’s facility with an indoor play center. Plus there’s even a licensed child care center. Everything from an indoor playground to laser tag to even mini bowling lanes is offered for your children to enjoy. Kidsports also can host parties throughout the year, and is great for birthday parties.

Fuller Craft Museum

Located right in Brockton, the Fuller Craft museum is home to great art exhibits featuring crafts. This museum is great for children who are eager to learn and don’t mind spending a day in a museum. Plus, this attraction is great for parents as well, as you take in the arts and cultures and the beauty of the entire attraction.

New England Aquarium

Boston is home to the New England Aquarium that gives kids both some information about aquatic life while keeping them entertained and smiling. With programs, the entire family can learn about the animals and the ocean. Inside the aquarium, you and your family can also walk through and experience the available exhibits of both animals and ocean life.


At this children’s fitness facility, your kids can feel motivated while they perform some fun physical activities. At KidzTurf in Millis, your kids will be provided with a positive environment as they play with sports equipment and gymnastic mats. Plus they can have fun on the 60ft indoor zipline, trampolines, and ropes for swinging and climbing. Here, kids will be able to stay fit and healthy while having fun doing physical activities.

Winters in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton do not have to mean staying at home for you and your kids. The area is filled with entertaining activities and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. This winter, be sure to take the family to any one of the attractions in the area to not only enjoy the attraction but also enjoy the time with your kids.