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2015 Nissan JUKE: Coming Soon

Nissan’s JUKE has been one of the most unique vehicles on the market since its release in the 2010 model year. The JUKE is a notable entry in the subcompact SUV market that is popular with all kinds of drivers that want a hip, stylish vehicle. For the upcoming 2015 Nissan JUKE, Nissan has announced some key changes to the exterior and interior that will make this compact SUV an even more interesting vehicle for drivers that are not afraid to push the boundaries of conventional automobiles.

An Overview of the New JUKE

Nissan previewed the new JUKE at the 2014 Geneva International Auto Show this past March. In China, the new JUKE will be sold as the Infiniti ESQ. The most notable changes to the new JUKE are found under the hood and on the outside of the vehicle, but Nissan did add some great new technology that helps to further modernize the JUKE for a sophisticated consumer base.

Exterior Upgrades

One of the first things that fans of the JUKE will notice is the changes made to the grille of the JUKE . The new JUKE’s new grille has more chrome and a more noticeable curve. The new headlights on the JUKE are inspired by the popular 370z, one of Nissan’s sportiest vehicle offerings. Also new on the JUKE is the front bumper, which has been made sleeker and smoother when compared to last year’s Juke.

On the rear of the vehicle, the taillights on the JUKE now have clear LED lenses. The JUKE’s redesigned rear end means a significant increase in cargo space: 40%, according to Car and Driver. The wheels on the 2015 JUKE have also been changed.

Interior Upgrades

For the most part, the interior design of the JUKE remains consistent with previous model years. Display screens have a better resolution and drivers now have the option of choosing all-leather seats. Nissan has also added a camera system that lets drivers see a 360-degree view of the exterior of the vehicle, which is sure to improve safety and cut down on the number of parking mishaps that occur with the new JUKE.

Engine Upgrades

The engine on the 2015 Nissan JUKE  has been upgraded to provide better fuel economy for drivers. Instead of the old 1.6-liter engine found on older models of the Juke, drivers will now get a 1.2 liter engine that gets 113 horsepower. There will be an option to upgrade to a more sophisticated 1.6 liter engine that Nissan changed to reduce internal friction and enhance cooling capabilities. Although a 1.5-liter diesel engine was shown off at the Geneva show, it is unclear whether or not this engine option will be available when the Juke hits the market in the United States. Engineers at Nissan also upgraded the all-wheel drive system on the Juke, which will help improve its handling.

Other new changes on the JUKE include a few new color options and turn signals integrated into the car’s sideview mirrors. The JUKE has not been changed significantly, but fans of unique compact vehicles will appreciate Nissan’s thoughtful updates. The new JUKE should be available in the US later this summer.

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