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Tips for Efficient Black Friday Shopping

There are only a couple weeks before the start of the holiday shopping season, so that means no parking spaces at the malls and there’s going to be hordes of people storming the malls to get the best sales and specials for their Christmas shopping. However, nothing compares to Black Friday. Every year the malls open a little earlier for Black Friday to ring in the holiday season, and with that comes larger crowds, even less parking spaces, and a low inventory in popular stores. To help you avoid any problems you could potentially have for this year’s Black Friday shopping, we’ve compiled a list of tips you should follow this year.

Make a list. If you’ve ever gone to the malls at midnight or early morning on Black Friday, you know that there is really no time or space to stroll through the racks and shop. With so many people coming in and out of stores it’s best to get in, grab everything you need and get out and get to the next store. Making a list can keep you focused on what you need to buy and get you in and out faster than looking around. Plus, with so many people there’s bound to be lines. If you stay focused, you can even cut down the time you have to wait in line to checkout.

Familiarize yourself with the store. Stop by a store you want to go to before Black Friday and get to know the layout of it. If you know the layout of any store pretty well, it’ll be easier to find everything you need and cut down the time you waste wandering the store looking for it.

Try to sleep before you head out. Thanksgiving is all about the time you spend with your family and, of course, the food you eat. If you’re planning on going to stores for Black Friday shopping, we’re not saying that you should eat as much as you would on any other Thanksgiving, but you should be warned that you could suffer from drowsiness when you’re shopping. It is recommended that you take a small nap before heading out so you can stay alert while you shop.
Get there early. Again, Black Friday will have tons of people crowding the malls to ring in the holiday shopping season. There will be lines both inside the stores and outside the mall so if you want to avoid standing in the cold outside for too long, or waiting about for an hour just to check out, get to the stores early. You’ll not only avoid waiting in line for too long, but you’ll get a prime parking spot, and get to leave early and get some sleep after you get everything you need.
Be careful. Black Friday news stories are more common than we’d like to see. Every year, someone gets hurt, so be sure to stay careful when you’re shopping. Don’t push, don’t shove, and don’t run. The stores are not going anywhere, and the items being sold are bound to get replenished throughout the night. The most important part of the night isn’t what you buy from the store; it’s your safety, always.
The holiday shopping season is almost here. So if you’re living in the Brockton, Stoughton, Randolph, or anywhere in the United States and you’re thinking about going out to shop on Black Friday, be sure to take note of the tips listed above to make this year the easiest shopping day ever.