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When do you Need a Tire Change?

Is it time to change your tires? What is the best way to know for sure it is time to replace worn out tires on your vehicle? You depend on your tires, and in depending on your car tires, you need a reliable way to know if they are ready for replacement.

Worn Out Tires Are A Dangerous Road Hazard

Blow outs can damage your vehicle easily and having a blow out in the middle of the highway can be highly dangerous if you are not in a safe place to pull over when it happens. Be sure to know your tires intimately so this doesn’t happen. If you replace your tires with new tires, you can be guaranteed a certain amount of mileage. It is still a good rule of thumb to check your tires frequently for bulges, showing tread, nails, and any sort of road debris you might have picked up.

Good Tricks to Check Your Tire Treads

Mechanics used to say that the best tire trick for your tire treads is the “Penny Trick.” All you do is put a penny into your tire tread. If the penny shows the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, it is time to look for new tires. If you don’t see the top of his head, you are fine; do note that the penny will never fit in all the way on the tire. So the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head is the mark to judge with because it means you have 2/32 inches of tread on your tire which is above the legal limit in most states.

The new rule is a quarter because newer tires are built with wear bars and they will have begun to show up at this point. They are built to show up at 2/32 inches so the penny trick will only work if you can fit most of the penny inside the tread.

Tire experts say the penny trick is still a great trick to use, but the quarter trick is even better. Put the quarter in bottom down, and if you can’t see the top of George Washington’s head, you have more than enough tread to last you for quite a while which is 4/32 inches of tread.

Check For Dry Rot On Older Tires

If you are great on your tires and do not travel a great deal, your tread maybe in another condition: dry rot. This is a dangerous condition for your tires even if you haven’t driven your tread off, it can rot after years of weather and sitting. Your tires may be showing cracks in the sidewalls and the professionals at your dealership can tell you if you have dry rot on your tires.

Have Your Nissan Dealer Check Your Tires

If you are not sure about the treads on your tires and you want to have them checked professionally, bring them into Nissan24 and our service department will be happy to assist you with your tires. We are located at 1016 Belmont Street Brockton, MA 02301. While you are having your tires checked come on in and see our new and used inventory. Take a test drive in new Nissan while you are at Nissan 24 in one of our beautiful new or pre-owned Nissans and see if it is time for a trade-in as well.