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Top 5 Best Boston Pizza Places

While New York tends to be known as the Northeast champ of pizza eateries, Boston residents also pride themselves on taking their pizza very, very seriously. Whether your stomach years for slice of Greek-styled thin-crust pizza, or a thick-crusted Italian pie, there is a Boston pizzeria ready to serve you up your desired slice. At Brockton’s best Nissan dealership, our staff LOVES pizza. So we tried as many as we could…ya know, for science. Here is our list of 5 of the best pizza places in the city.

Figs BostonFigsSometimes this pizzeria gets a poor rep only because it is the creation of gourmet celebrity chef Todd English. But don’t let that fool you! Both its Charlestown and Beacon Hill locations serve delicious thin-crust pies at more than reasonable prices. Consider trying the chicken sausage pizza and the fig and prosciutto pizza for a fantastic mixture of flavors

Posto PizzaPosto

Located in the Davis Square neighborhood, this modern interpretation of a classic Italian joint provides great atmosphere and fantastic pizza. Most dishes are prepared with sustainable ingredients, making it a great choice for the more environmentally-conscious diner. The open-air interior and high exposed brick ceilings offer a gorgeous setting with a unique vibe. Additionally, the staff at Posto is known their superb service.

Santarpio's Pizza Boston MASantarpio’s PizzaThis place is legendary and has steadily served the Boston citizens fresh and delicious pizza slices for over 100 years. Its interior features classic wooden booths, vintage music, and a long wooden bar that is frequently filled with hungry Boston patrons. Located in East Boston, Santarpio’s Pizza has won the coveted Boston Magazines Best of Boston Award for Best Traditional Pizza three years in a row now. Go here and you are guaranteed to enjoy.
Emmas Kendall Square Pizza MAEmma’sThis Kendall Square parlor is known for its pizza variety. Pizza enthusiasts could go every night and never have the same pizza twice. Choose from imaginative toppings in your choice combinations. However, Emma’s is perhaps the smallest of pizza place on our list, and if you plan on eating in, be prepared for a wait. We think it’s worth it.
 Best Pizza in Bridgewater MAGalleria UmbertoThis North End pizza place is renowned for its delectable calzones and pizza slices offered at some of the most absurdly cheap prices in Boston. If you plan on grabbing a lunchtime slice, get there early to beat the rush, or call in your order. Rumor has it that the owner cans his own tomatoes in Italy before having them shipped back to create Galleria Umberto’s delicious pizza sauce.

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