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Featured Location: 2014 Nissan near Dorchester MA

Dorchester, MA is the largest neighborhood in Boston and was founded shortly before Beantown itself. Affectionately called “Dot” by its residents, Dorchester is over 6 square miles, just south of the city center and is bordered by the Boston Harbor and Neponset River. Living in Dorchester means you can enjoy all the waterfront amenities of both river and harbor while being close to the action and entertainment of the city center.

There’s a wide range of living options in Dorchester, MA. There are luxury condos if you’re not someone who enjoys yard work and property maintenance. Apartment living ranges from complexes to large historic homes split into one or more units. Renting a unit in a historic home gives you all the splendor and sophistication of living in a historic dwelling without the added expense and energy required to maintain it. There’s more to Dorchester than historic homes though; there’s new construction areas that fit right in with the rich multi-faceted culture of the area. Whatever style of living you prefer and wherever you originally come from, you’ll find exactly what you want in Dorchester.

With such easy access to the city center, you never run out of interesting things to do near Dorchester, MA. Head into downtown Boston to walk the Freedom Trail, indulge in fine dining or take in live entertainment in the form of concerts, sporting events, live theater and much more! Residing in the quieter quaintness of Dorchester with the city so close at hand gives you the best of both worlds.

You don’t have to venture into the heart of Boston for fun activities though. The business district of Dorchester features ethnic restaurants, salons, spas, stores and outdoor enjoyment at Franklin Park. If you’re someone who loves to hike and exercise, you’ll love Franklin Park’s 527 acres of land with walking paths, 18-hole golf course and zoo.

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Dorchester is an area for everyone including couples, singles and families. There are historic monuments and buildings throughout the area tying the present to the past and ensuring residents never forget the significance of the town.

Nissan’s wide variety of models offers options for all style of residents. From larger SUVs like the Used Nissan Xterra for families to the crossover 2013 Nissan Rogue, to the sportier 2013 Nissan Altima for those who want to zip around in style. Visit Nissan 24 today to find the perfect vehicle for your adventures around Massachusetts.

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