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Top 5 Best Halloween Costumes in Boston

Whether you plan on spending your upcoming Halloween perusing the galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts, going “frightseeing” on the Ghosts & Gravestones of Boston Tour, or are looking for something more “mature” like Boston’s venerable Halloween Bar Crawl, you will need a costume.

Selecting a great Boston Halloween costume is never easy. You will want to be timely, clever, and maybe a bit scary. Here are some of the most popular costumes in 2013. There is sure to be one on this list that will give you  a Boston Halloween costume everyone will be talking about


Miley Cyrus Costume
  • Celebrity costumes are always a favorite, and this year has furnished more than a few unique ones. Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance was justifiably the talk of the late summer. The singer’s routinely unusual sartorial selections make great fodder for a Boston Halloween costume. The fashionistas over at what-the-frock.com already got this party started for you!


Anthony Weiner

  • Anthony Weiner, the eccentric disgraced Congressman from New York, was a recurring feature on headlines across the country. A Weiner costume, coupled with the politician’s trademark preening and oddness, would make for a witty costume.

Royal Baby

  • This summer was unquestionably dominated by news stories about Kate Middleton and the royal baby. For Halloween revelers who want to get in touch with Britain’s most famous citizen, dressing as the Royal Baby would be a great choice.

Walking Dead costume

  • Not every costume needs to be of a celebrity. For those of you who want a Boston Halloween costume that’s topical and scary, a zombie costume is ideal. The Walking Dead, a TV show on AMC with a zealous following, is becoming increasingly popular, and is now one of the most talked about shows on television. Dressing as one of the show’s trademark gore-covered ghouls would be a great way to turn heads!



There are a lot of Halloween costume options available this year. To create a great one, just use your imagination and have fun!


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