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Top Cars For Work: Boston Nissan Commercial Vehicles

2013 Nissan NV in Quincy MA

As you consider commercial vans, you may realize that in the past there were two manufacturers who dominated the segment for decades. This is the main reason that there wasn’t a ton of innovation for many years. However, with the addition of the Nissan NV, the tide is finally turning. This is a work van but it’s also so much more.

Nissan went about designing this van in a very wise way: They went directly to the consumers. They surveyed hundreds of drivers of the competition to find out what they liked and what the current offerings lacked. They then used this information to create a far superior passenger van.

The Nissan NV has a unique look and a very definite purpose. The engine was pushed forward under a longer hood, unlike the competition, who place their engines under the seat. This created far roomier front seats and has essentially done away with the crowding you may be familiar with in older passenger vans. This design also makes it much easier to maintain this van, which is important when you consider that commercial vans often rack up mileage faster than a typical passenger car.

There are numerous options available on this van, including a high-roof version that lends more than six feet of headroom and a low step-in height. These are both significant improvements over the competition. There are many other clever details too, like a laptop-size console in the center that can accommodate things like hanging file folders, and there’s a flat-fold front passenger seat that can be used as a desktop. Other practical touches include wear patches on the exterior edges of the front seats, which is typically a spot that’s prone to rips.

This van is powerful too. The Nissan NV is powered by a V8 engine and can tow up to 9,500 pounds. The engine options are a 4.0L V6 that’s good for 261 horsepower, or a 5.6l V8 that’s good for 317 horsepower. All models are rear-wheel-drive and are equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission.

While the 2013 Nissan NV is nice to look at, we all know its what’s inside that counts. Check out the cargo space and interior finishes with this slideshow. Then schedule a test drive with us to get a closer look.

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