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Nissan Leaf Sets All-Time Best Sales Record in August

2013 Nissan Leaf MAIn the month of August, the Nissan Leaf accomplished something quite impressive: It smashed the previous all-time American record of 2,420 cars sold. In the month of August alone, sales increased by an incredible 253 percent, when compared to August of last year. The more than 2,000 units sold in August are even more impressive when you compare them to the 1,864 units sold the month before.

The Leaf has done very well compared to last year’s sales in a number of ways. Consider that in June there were 2,225 Leafs sold, in May that number was 2,138 and in April that number was only 1,937. Now consider that the previous all-time high record was in March, with 2,236 units sold. No matter how you look at it, there are a lot of impressive numbers to be excited about.

In fact, in cities like Atlanta, local dealerships are counting their sales by the number. For example, a dealership owner said they only had about a 120-hour supply, considering how quickly they were selling. Atlanta was the #1 market for the Nissan Leaf in the month of July, which is the first time that an area outside the West Coast earned that title.

This leaves many to wonder why the Leaf is taking off so quickly. It’s due in part to the fact that people are increasingly looking for electric options to take the place of gas-guzzling cars, but it’s also because people are becoming better informed.

Though the Nissan Leaf has been around for a few years, it is only in the last year or so that consumers have become more aware of how convenient and versatile this car is. While it can be charged at home, there are now more electronic charging stations than there have ever been before. Add to that the fact that more states are allowing the Leaf in HOV lanes – even when there’s only one passenger – and the car gets more and more attractive to buyers.

See what new and amazing features the 2014 Nissan Leaf has to offer Boston buyers with this great video. Or check one out by scheduling a test drive. See you soon!