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Instagram’s Best Nissan NVs in Boston and Beyond

With new Nissan NV models hitting Nissan dealerships in Boston and beyond this month, we wanted to take a moment and check in on the coolest NV owners on Instagram. How are you putting in work with your Nissan commercial vehicle? Send us some snaps or just leave us a comment below!

Nissan NV in Boston


Cluckin’ Awesome!

Who doesn’t love a food truck? They are mobile, they come to your office and they bring the warmth of your favorite take-out place without all that pesky walking or driving to get there. Food trucks are even better when they come in one of the coolest commercial vehicles available anywhere. This Nissan NV is emblazoned with helpful messages and delivers features like fold-down desks on the seat-backs. Delicious, in more ways than one!


Nissan NV in MA


Mean With NV

While Nissan commercial vehicles have been described as sleek, tall, versatile and relatively fuel-efficient, they are rarely called mean. But user @daytonthemunk said just that of this NV tricked out with a fierce-looking brush grille and chrome accents. Check in with your Nissan dealer in MA to find out how you can customize your commercial fleet with accessories like this, changing this people and cargo mover into a real beast!


2013 Nissan NV in Brockton


Green With NV

While commercial vehicles are not typically known for their fuel efficiency, solar electrical installer @fr1electric proves that, with a class-leading MPG rating, these commercial vehicles can go green in more ways than one. Check this shot out as our hero installs solar panels on local street lights out of the back of his NV. You go greeny!



Nissan Commercial Vehicles



With football season upon us once again, who couldn’t appreciate a new home theater system? The only thing that could make it better is a home theater system delivered right to your door. That’s exactly what our pal @Paolin5791 offers with his slick back-window graphics and plenty of cargo space. Tricking out his NV2500 ensures that he can deliver you every touchdown in stunning HD just in time for kick-off. Check out the NV for your business today by visiting Nissan 24 today!


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