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Best Coffee in Bridgewater, MA

Bridgewater offers coffee lovers a wonderful assortment of hyperlocal cafes where you can refill your batteries while running errands. Waiting for your car to get serviced at any Nissan dealer in Bridgewater MA is the perfect time to grab some amazing joe. But where should you go to get that stellar cup of roasted, sweet deliciousness? Here are the top three choices, all of which Bridgewater residents consistently vote among their favorites. Cup of Coffee

Widely considered the best coffee purveyor in town, Marylou’s is as well known for its staff’s signature pink tee shirts as for the mouthwatering concoctions they churn out daily. Regular drip, specialty coffees and flavored gourmet ice coffees comprised the bulk of the menu. Frozen blended coffee drinks with such names as Frozen Minty Lou and Oreo Cookie Monster are said by frequent customers to induce sinful bouts of slurping at work.

Marylou’s 20+ locations constitute a small chain, yet the company has retained an intensely hyperlocal feeling. For connoisseurs, Marylou’s coffee club offers two pounds of coffee each month for a mere $19.95. Popular flavors include Vermont Maple, Cinnamon Sugar Muffin and Magic Cookie Bar.


The Rockin K Cafe
Prized for the full bodied, rich taste of organic fair trade coffee, The Rockin K Cafe appeals to both general coffee lovers and ‘green’/sustainable coffee drinkers. Their advantage over competition is a menu of ready-to-eat semi-homemade food: pepperjack quiches, homemade hummus, home fries, etc. Diane, the proprietor, is especially sensitive to customers with dietary restrictions and food allergies, and she has a handful of good eats on her menu appropriate for nearly every gastronomic concern, whether vegan/vegetarian, diabetic, allergic to gluten, etc.
The Rockin K Cafe is centrally located. Prices are fairly cheap and Wi-Fi is free. Locals say Diane’s conversation, friendliness and superb iced coffee make her cafe worth a visit.


Better Bean Coffee Co.

Better Bean bills itself as an espresso bar. Their ‘bread and butter’ is freshly ground, exquisitely pulled espresso shots. These form the basis of their espresso oriented menu, a menu offering all the classics: plain shots for the especially courageous, all flavors of lattes, mochas, Americanos and cappuccinos. Cafe au lait, chai and redeyes are also available.
The lunch and dinner menu is prepared in-house by skilled, trained staff. The veggie sandwich consists of local ingredients served on artisan bread. There are also meat sandwiches, and there is soup for ever season.


Coffee Map Bridgewater MA


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