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Best Hiking Trails In Boston | Nissan Dealer Tips in MA

Summer is time for outdoor fun, and camping lets you get out of the city and avoid city heat and crowds. Whether you’re interested in an easy day hike or more strenuous experience, these tips from your local Nissan Service Center Boston will help you get the most from your outing. Hiking Boston MA

Day Hikes

if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature will still sleeping in your own bed at night, consider a day hike in Blue Hills Reservation. 10 miles south of downtown Boston, the area miles of hiking trails, from easy to moderately strenuous. The park features a historic weather station, diverse forest habitats, rock features, and wildlife viewing.

Camping On The Boston Harbor

There’s nothing quite like camping on the beach, and you don’t even have to drive too far to get it. Check out The Boston Harbor Islands. Grape, Bumpkin, Peddocks and Lovells all have public campgrounds where you’ll enjoy the serenity of nature while gazing at the glittering lights of the Boston skyline. Just imagine toasting marshmallows over an open fire while listening to the water lap against the shore. The islands are located just across the harbor,11 miles from the Boston city center.

Spend the Night in a Wildlife Sanctuary

If your ideal camping experience includes complete solitude, without another soul around, you can actually book a cabin In The Ipswitch River Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature at night, and during the day, hike a large network of trails through various habitats such as meadows, wooded areas, and wetlands. Located 24 miles southwest of Boston, this 1800 acre wildlife sanctuary is well worth the trip.

Forrest Camping

Want a more rugged experience? Head for the Myles Standish State Forest. Reminiscent of the rich, thick forests of the Western United States, this area is one of the most beautiful in all of Massachusetts. Located 50 miles south of Boston, there is no more pure “camping” experience than this available anywhere in New England.

Getting Your Car Ready

Nothing can spoil a cap and experienced more than car problems. Before you head out on the road to adventure, let your local Nissan Service Center Boston make sure your car is in tip-top shape. A thorough check, including tire pressure, shocks, air conditioning, and an oil top-off can prevent problems and ensure nothing gets in the way of your fun.


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