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Keep The Bugs Off You And Your Nissan With Summer Staycation Tips

Nissan Windshield Washer Fluid dealer in BostonSummertime is awesome for local pools, beaches, and just letting your hair down. However, summertime is also the time when bugs invade the atmosphere and find their way onto your windshield. If you fail to remove those bugs, your summer staycation can turn into a dead bug infestation. Yet, an infestation isn’t the worst that can happen. It may start with a cough, Pontiac fever, and something that makes you think you have a mild flu. Unfortunately, your illness on your Boston staycation may have been caused by using water in you Nissan windshield washer fluid reservoir.

Water in Your Nissan Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir Can Make You Sick!

While it may sound strange, Consumer News reported that using water for you windshield washer fluid could increase the likelihood of contracting Legionnaires’ disease. The study found two vehicle-related causes associated with causing Legionnaires’ disease: vehicle’s without windshield washer fluid in the reservoir and driving through industrial areas. The study further asserted that not adding fluid to the tank “appears to be strongly associated with community acquired sporadic cases of Legionnaires’ disease.”

Considering no one wants to be sick on a staycation, Legionnaires’ disease is an aggressively severe form of pneumonia caused by inhaling bacteria. The report continued to suggest that using water for windshield washer solution could increase your chances of getting Legionnaires’ disease by 20%.

Legionnaires’ anyone?
If you would pass on this open disease offering, you should not pass on making sure your Nissan windshield washer fluid tank is full of the good stuff. In addition to not being sick, you will have a significantly cleaner windshield, and it just looks better! Nothing is worse than being sick on your Boston staycation. Looking at a dirty windshield that is full of dead bugs may also make you sick; but if you avoid putting water in your Nissan windshield washer fluid tank, at least you can avoid the hospital.

Simply put, water doesn’t have the cleaning power or any of the detergents that windshield washer fluid has. Water is made to rinse, while windshield washer fluid is made to clean. As you sit around enjoying the sights and sounds of your Boston staycation, you should remember that bugs are on a Boston staycation as well. Clean dead bugs by using the good stuff in your Nissan windshield washer fluid tank, and effectively decrease your chances of catching Legionnaires’ disease.

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