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AAA Members Getting Free EZ-Pass In Boston

Massachusetts is home to New England’s largest cities and busiest roadways. Anyone who has had experience with Bay State driving will tell you that driving in the state can be quite an experience, to put it mildly.

As such, Boston drivers have an extra incentive to become a member of the venerable American Automobile Association. If you are not already a member, you are missing out on a huge range of excellent benefits, including roadside assistance and discounts for traveling throughout the country. But in 2013, AAA is giving Massachusetts drivers another fantastic reason to join AAA: a free E-ZPass transponder. AAA members in the state have the option to fill out an application to receive a transponder from the Massachusetts DOT with an initial $20 balance. These transponders make it possible to bypass long tollbooth lines in Massachusetts or anywhere with E-ZPass.

Boston drivers especially need a vehicle that has that all too rare combination of power, reliability, and safety. The Nissan Rogue is earning an increasing number of fans in the worlds of both automotive critics and regular drivers, including drivers in Boston. And with a shocking 25-combined-MPG (the same as a Volkswagen Jetta), the Rogue will keep you driving down Boston highways for longer than you imagined possible. Visiting a Nissan Rogue Boston dealership is the first step towards great driving in the area.

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