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Nissan Tires, Oil and Engine: Summer Vacation Safety Checks

2013 Nissan Armada BostonGoing on vacation often involves planning, scheduling, packing all the right clothes and supplies, a few medical items for a bad stomach or sunburn, and anticipation. Often, after weeks of expectation, the vacation will start and the mad rush to get to the destination will start. However, it can be ended quickly in frustration with a simply oversight – preventative car maintenance. Something as simple as checking a Nissan tire pressure measurement can save a person from a flat on the highway.

Count to 6

There six basic automotive preventative tips to follow before driving the car off the driveway for a vacation. These are:

  1. Check the engine oil.
  2. Check the tire pressure.
  3. Change the air filter.
  4. Check each tire for any wear or rips.
  5. Always start on a full gas tank.
  6. Check the brakes and brake fluid level.

While there will be other automotive issues a person can’t necessarily prevent or solve alone on the road, the basic ones above are the kind that are easily performed by any person and can save a lot of headaches on the road.

Carry an OBDII Scanner

Your car has a check engine light which is supposed to signal when something is going wrong with the vehicle. However, it doesn’t tell a driver what exactly is wrong. Carrying an OBDII scanner can mean the difference of being stuck and calling a tow truck or continuing to drive to make it to the next town for a fix. An OBDII Scanner plugs into the car computer underneath the steering wheel and interprets the signal code. This provides clear information if the issue is simply an oxygen sensor going bad, which means the car can still be driven, or a fuel line leak where the car should be stopped immediately. The scanner also helps a driver limit repairs to what’s needed versus a unknown problem and the risk of being ripped off by an out-of-town mechanic.

Nissan Safety

New Nissan car models incorporate many of the sensors a driver on vacation or regular driving should always pay attention to. The Nissan tire pressure sensor, orTPS, signals when a tire is deflating to a dangerous level. The oil and temperature gauges also signal potential growing problems to watch for. And the Nissan models also have the OBDII hookups for scanner reading.

So keep your vacations fun and avoid headaches; check your car proactively ahead of time to avoid surprises.

For more info on Nissan Tires, Oil and Engine Maintenance, check out our latest slideshow, or click below to schedule a Service Appointment.

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