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Nissan Trucks and Armada SUV in Boston Lead Sales Gains

The auto industry has turned around rather nicely in the last few years and while there are many different vehicles available and selling well, pickup truck are actually leading the way and helping with the sales revelation.

The Nissan Armada in MA and other trucks are spurring growth and helping individuals find a comfortable, affordable and dependable truck that they can use both for work and for personal use. One of the main reasons trucks sell so well is because it is possible to use it for work, construction and other heavy duty jobs, unlike smaller options. While the Nissan Armada in MA has helped turn the entire industry around it doesn’t look like the sales are going to slow down any time soon.

The month of April proved the best month of sales for Nissan and the rest of the auto industry since 2007.

Nissan Armada BostonThe 2013 Nissan Armada SUV in Boston helped lead this increase in sales as the entire industry saw sales increase by over 10 percent across the board. Nissan itself reported a 23 percent gain over April in 2010. This is a great sign for most auto industry companies. But while Nissan grew, other companies like Toyota and Volkswagen saw diminished sales. Industry experts have posited that this is most likely due to the lack of selection for trucks and SUVs, as Toyota and VW manufacturers primarily sell cars.

Of course, the 23 percent increase is not just due to the Nissan Armada in MA. There are other cars that are seeing impressive increases in sales, including the Altima, which is a midsize car and the Sentra, which is a compact. On top of this, the company also recently announced price reductions in most of its vehicles, including the Armada, which dropped its sticker price by $4,400.

Almost every car available on a Nissan lot are now available for less money at the same time last year.

With more Americans now working again and looking to purchase new vehicles, Nissan has not only reaped the gains but helped lead the charge. Buying a new car or truck doesn’t have to be a daunting task and it shouldn’t completely break the bank. This is exactly why it is so important for check out what is available at the local Nissan dealerships, because the selection of cars, trucks and SUVs not only hasn’t been better before, but it also hasn’t been this kind of price ever before.


For a closer look at the Nissan Armada in MA or the many trucks helping boost sales across the country, visit us today or check out this short video!