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Clay Vs. Nissan 24: Battle of the Nissan Dealers in Waltham, MA

Nissan Dealership BostonNissan buyers in Waltham, MA have two Clay Nissan dealers nearby, in Newton and in Norton. They’re both closer than the Nissan 24 dealership in Brockton, so this should be easy.

Closer’s not always better 

Sure, from Waltham, MA Clay Nissan of Newton is only 3 miles and Norton 18 miles. Nissan 24 in Brockton is 31 miles.

If you’re just going to pick your closest Nissan dealer, it’s easy: check out Clay Nissan in Newton first, then take a look at the selection on their Norton lot. If you still don’t find what you want, head to Nissan 24 in Brockton.

What else drives your decision?

Going solely on how long it takes you to get to the dealership the first time might be foolish. Other things to consider:

  1. inventory–what do they have available for you to look at?
  2. deals–what are their sales prices, lease rates, financing, and leasing deals?
  3. sales staff–are they friendly and helpful? do they know their stuff?
  4. service–will they be able to keep your car running right?

These are some of the important criteria to consider when choosing a Nissan dealer near Waltham, MA. The good news is both dealers are strong in all these areas–but check their websites before heading out.

So who’s won the most awards?

Nissan 24 of Brockton has won the Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence two years running (2011 and 2012). That program ‘recognizes and rewards team members and dealerships who consistently deliver outstanding results and performance in sales, customer satisfaction, and owner loyalty’ so that’s certainly something to consider when buying a Nissan.

This award is considered the highest honor Nissan bestows upon its dealers, with the most important marks coming from customers themselves.

‘This award is scored by comments and surveys filled out by our customers. They are the reason we get out of bed in the morning, so to be honored by Nissan car buyers in the Boston area—some of the most discerning car shoppers in the world—means more than anything else.’

Ed Kardon, owner

Nissan 24 had already won the J-Win Diversity award and three Energy Star prizes.

What about Clay? They don’t seem to have any awards to speak of.

What about the reviews?

That means it comes down to reviews and testimonials. Looking at the wonderful things customers are saying about Nissan 24, it seems the decision has been made. Visit them soon!


Want a closer look at the award-winning selection and service that makes Nissan 24 Waltham’s favorite Nissan dealer in MA? Check out this video!