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2013 Nissan Altima: The World’s Most Versatile Vehicle

2013 Nissan Altima BostonWhen the typical consumer thinks of a Nissan vehicle that is just as comfortable at home in the city as it is heading out for a kayaking voyage, many think of the Xterra or the Pathfinder. But would it surprise you to find out that from the Australian V8 Supercar series, to cabs on the streets of New York City to waterside vistas all across the country, people are choosing the 2013 Nissan Altima to get them there?

Whether it is for their safety and reliability, interior cargo room or just flat-out performance, Nissan Altimas are becoming the popular choice for the go-anywhere, do-anything crowd, no matter what continent you are on. If you are thinking about purchasing a Nissan Altima in MA, you may be unaware of the places where the vehicle is popping up.

Nissan Motorsports announced their re-entry in to the Australian V8 Supercar series in October in 2012, and their entry is nothing short of breathtaking. While this beast sports a 5.6L V8–producing an amazing 600 horsepower–there is little different between the street legal Altima and its racing brethren other than the the supped-up engine. Doors, fender flares and hood lengths are all the same between the two.

Street legal Altimas are popping up in surprising places as well, namely on the streets of New York City. Nissan was recently approved as the newest entrant in to the city’s taxi fleet, and the Altima is the first of the automaker’s vehicle to hit the streets. Safety, comfort and convenience were cited as the big reasons that the Altima is making its debut.

Altima has always been known for its performance, safety and comfort, but hauling a kayak? Indeed Auto Anything currently carries many different aftermarket additions for the Altima, including racks for kayaks and canoes. There is really nothing you cannot do with your Nissan Altima in MA.

To get a closer look at this surprisingly versatile entry in to the 2013 Nissan lineup, stop by your local Boston Nissan dealership. They will be happy to take you on a test drive. Kayak not included.

Can’t wait? Check out the latest video from your Nissan Altima dealer in MA!