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Tailgate Tips for your Nissan Cars in Boston as Baseball Season Gets Underway

Everything is right with the world when baseball season is back in full swing. Whether you’re heading out to Fenway for a game or you just want to enjoy the warmer weather while you head to a local bar to catch the game, few things are as incredible as tailgating by the park, enjoying the food and company all while you discuss the Red Sox and see if they can turn things around this year. With your Nissan, you do have a few different tailgating options to improve your time outside. Just make sure your friend with the Yankee’s hat stays home!

The first thing to remember about tailgating around Fenway with your Nissan is to show up early. Parking is very limited and it is often difficult to get a space, especially if you show up close to the first pitch. But besides, you want to spend a few hours before the game with your friends, firing up the grill and cooking, so by getting their in the morning for a weekend game you should have enough time. Bring cash though, as you’ll need it to park in most of the lots.

With your Nissan Cars in Boston, you don’t need to worry about what vehicle you actually drive. Whether you have the Nissan Xterra with a large amount of cargo space or a smaller Altima, you are going to do most of the cooking on the outside. The extra storage space just makes it easier to bring more food.

Propane is probably the way to go when you are cooking, at least in terms of ease. Although you might prefer the taste of charcoal over propane, charcoal is difficult to keep stationary when in the back of your car, especially when making your way through post-game Boston traffic. The propane tank is going to ensure you are able to have properly cooked food and not risk any spilling while traveling. Of course, if you have a sturdy rig and time to use the charcoal, by all means do so.

When parking you have two options. You can either pull in head first so you have more room for tailgating, or you can back into the spot and carry the goods around to the front of the car. This makes it easier when leaving the park so you’re not trying to pack into hectic traffic. This works out better.