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Vehicle Dynamic Control: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Nissan Armada in MA Vehicle Dynamic ControlVehicle Dynamic Control, or VDC, remains a specific feature installed in most known Nissan vehicles. When you check out the the Nissan Armada in MA, you are likely going to see advertisements for the feature, but if you don’t know what it does or how it functions, the knowledge of it being installed in the Nissan cars is not going to do you much good.

Essentially, the Vehicle Dynamic Control system utilizes seven different sensors throughout the car to give you the very best security and safety while driving the car. It ultimately is designed to help you maintain the vehicle during poor weather conditions and stay on the road, in order to avoid skids by adjusting engine power and brake pressure. Each wheel has a different speed sensor and directly compare the information to the speed of the vehicle. Another pressure sensor monitors the amount of pressure applied to the disc brakes by the driver, the steering angle sensor looks at the actual angle of the steering wheel to see if the vehicle is going in the desired direction and finally the yaw rate/lateral g-sensor right in the middle of the vehicle checks the position of the car in relationship to the road. This helps determine and notify the internal computer system if the car is sliding through a curve.

With the seven different sensors working together the vehicle essentially monitors itself to see if the car is properly turning or is over/under turning for the road. In the event of an oversteer (when the driver turns too far in one direction and overshoots the turn), the VDS is able to detect the placement of the vehicle in conjunction with the road and alter the turning rate in order to direct it down the proper path. On the other hand, if the driver understeers the curve, the car is able to see it is not following the route of the road and kicks in, allowing the vehicle to turn properly and avoid any kind of oncoming traffic or other dangerous situations.

When checking out the Nissan Armada in MA, you need to know all of the different safety features associated with it, and this is one of the newest, yet most important. Sometimes it remains almost impossible to maintain control of your vehicle during poor weather, but with the Nissan VDC system, this all changes to improve the driving.