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Nissan Maxima Vs. Honda Accord

Nissan Maxima BostonWhen looking for a new vehicle, it remains very important to look at multiple models and see how each car is able to stack up. One of the most popular options in terms of car models remains the sedan, so when stopping by the Nissan Dealer in MA, comparing the Nissan Maxima and the Honda Accord remains very important. There are several different features you need to keep in mind while comparing these two vehicles. Keeping an open mind and not committing to any particular vehicle until you know it is right for you though remains the most important option of any car buyer.

The biggest difference between the Nissan Maxima and the Honda Accord is the luxury features. The Maxima caters towards a higher class while the Accord remains more of an entry level sedan. At the Nissan Dealer MA you’ll see the Maxima comes with standard leather seats, the standard sun room and power seating. The Accord, on the other hand, comes with cloth seats, no sun roof standard and no power seating (without paying for an upgrade).

The entertainment package is important for many drivers, especially those who intend to be in their cars for an extended period of time. The Maxima comes with standard satellite radio and nine total speakers. The Accord doesn’t have the satellite radio option and six speakers. It really is amazing what three additional speakers are able to do in terms of audio performance inside a car. The Maxima also has an optional navigational system, so you don’t have to rely on the small screen of your smart phone at all times while the Accord doesn’t have this option at all.

The safety features are similar in both vehicles, so in terms of safety you are not going to go wrong with either model. Both vehicles come with standard antilock brakes and child door locks, plus a stability control system helps ensure the car stays on the road during poor conditions. Both cars have rear disc brakes and use five different airbags throughout the cabin. However, the Maxima is able to go from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds, while the Accord requires 8.9 seconds, all while the breaking distance at 60 is almost the same, with the Nissan Maxima requiring 128 feet while the Honda Accord requires 125 feet. Both are good options, and the Accord is cheaper, but the Maxima has more options.