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Instagram’s Best Nissan Altimas in Boston and Beyond!

Once a home for pictures of food and antique windows, Facebook’s latest billion-dollar acquisition Instagram has become a Nissan Altima-lover’s paradise. Fanboys and design nerds join proud owners to praise the award-winning compact in beautifully decayed digital photographs of everything from mirror adjustment knobs to new hood modifications.

Since you are probably about to go for a drive,  Boston owners (and anyone else for that matter) can check out our favorite Instagram pics here, in one convenient location. Because we, like you LOVE Nissans. So any chance we get to show off the 2013 Nissan Altima in Boston, Maxima in Quincy or Armada in Framingham, we are going to bring them to you. Without further ado, let’s get to the pics.

Project Green by @ghalayoon

@ghalayoon’s Green paint project is coming along nicely. Here, he documents his progress with a finished hood and mirrors. Check in on him as the project comes along by following him today!


Parking Garage Photo Shoot

@SuperStreet accessed what filmmakers refer to as “The Golden Hour,” where the natural light is so beautiful, it requires no additional lighting. This parking garage photo shoot blew our minds!


B&W Brilliance

Black and white always calls to mind vintage cool. From James Dean to Marilyn Monroe, black and white captures the essence of icon status in a way that color can’t. That is why we are proud that user @jpringzz shot this beautiful Altima, bringing out every gleam in the paint and shine of the chrome. Excellent work!


The Artist

@leo_thee_lion joins portrait painters through the centuries, who sought to capture the beauty of modern icons by drawing, sketching and applying to canvas. This sketch book shot shows the dedication Nissan Altima fans have to their vehicles. Check out the attention to detail. Cool!


Wanna check out more 2013 Nissan Altimas in Boston and Beyond? Visit us today!