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Nissan 24 Wins Owner First Award | Nissan Dealer Awards in MA

Nissan dealership in MA Owners First AwardThe only thing better than being first is being first several times in a row!

Nissan this week honored Nissan 24 as one of the best Nissan dealerships in Boston and beyond with the Owner First Award of Excellence. This is the dealership’s third award in as many years.

According to Nissan’s website, the Owner First award acknowledges “those dealerships that embody the philosophy and vision for Nissan, that is to endeavor to provide our customers with an outstanding ownership experience from the showroom, through every aspect of the dealership. Basically, putting our owners first!”

This award is considered the highest honor Nissan bestows upon its dealers.

Scores for this award are calculated using a variety of metrics. The most important marks come from an Owner First survey, given to customers after purchasing a new Nissan car in Boston or visiting a Nissan dealership in MA for a service appointment.

The staff at Nissan 24 were overjoyed by the announcement:

“Out of all the awards we could possibly win as a Nissan dealership, this award means the most to us for one reason and one reason only,” said owner Ed Kardon. “This award is scored by comments and surveys filled out by our customers. They are the reason we get out of bed in the morning, so to be honored three times by Nissan car buyers in the Boston area—some of the most discerning car shoppers in the world—means more than anything else.”


Wanna learn more about this prestigious Nissan Dealer award in MA? Check out our video today!