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Chicago Auto Show Round-Up | Nissan Cars in MA

nissan-announced-management-changes-17895_1Nissan Motor Company is certainly looking to make a splash in the New Year, as you might have heard from its resounding success at the Chicago Auto Show. While the star of the show was clearly the 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition and the terms of its exclusive release – you’ll understand the demand when it makes its way to a Nissan dealer in MA just before the beginning of the summer months – there were several other candidates for second-best eye-turner.

Right behind the wide release 2014 Nissan GT-R, the Chicago Show noted a positive reception for the 2013 Nissan NV200 Cargo Van. Sleek and bold, this van has heft without the appearance of bulk, and may set a new standard for the turn-of-the-century van transportation style.

As you take in the view at you nearest Nissan dealership in MA, it might occur to you that this new breed of fashion-forward motorsport cars are deliberately sporty – even more so than Nissan automobiles of the past. The trend is precisely what NISMO (the NissanMotorsport International branch) is going for; which explains their recent run of dazzling auto show displays. Consider these other choice morsels for Nissan car enthusiasts:

  • Displaying its penchant for having something for everyone, Nissan unveiled the Juke NISMO at the Chicago Auto Show. This almost 200 horsepower compact has undergone an almost complete, advanced makeover with a hundred revised parts and drastic enhancements in downforce when compared to models preceding 2013.
  • The 2014 370Z NISMO is an ultra-sleek Porsche look-alike sports coupe with an impressive 350 HP. Coming to a Nissan dealer in MA by early summer, it arrives just in time for you to go cruising the streets in style and substance.

With this impressive array of new releases, you might think that Nissan felt it has something to prove. The limited edition 2014 GT-R dispels either dispels that notion, or far overshoots the mark. From the fancy collector’s item, to the cargo van price-tailored for the everyman, the Chicago Auto Show highlighted Nissan’s commitment to both excellence and affordability – without ever sacrificing one for the other. You’ll be able to see these qualities for yourself in short order as the New Year rolls along, and your Nissan dealer in MA start stocking up to try and meet demand.


Its OK if you didn’t make it to Chicago this year, because our video has all the best new models Nissan Dealers have to offer Mass residents. Check it out below!