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Nissan Leaf Buyers Now Able To Finance Charging Stations

Nissan Dealers in MA help buyers finance Leaf Charging stationsIn order to charge the Nissan Leaf, you must have a charging stating installed. Without the ability to charge the vehicle, the Nissan Leaf doesn’t prove much of a driving option. For years, in order to drive the Nissan Leaf, you had to outright purchase the equipment, which drastically added to the overall price tag. Yes, there were local and federal tax incentives for buying an electric vehicle, but none of these options worked very well when buying the vehicle  up front. The tax credits wouldn’t come to help until possibly a year later.

This hindered sales of the Leaf, but now it is possible to finance the charging stations at your local Nissan dealer in MA. This way, you no longer have to pay out of pocket for the equipment, as you can finance the equipment, the same as you would the vehicle itself.

At your local Nissan dealer in MA, you are now able to finance the equipment to have the charging station professionally installed into your home. Nissan believes this is going to help increase the number of buyers of the Leaf in the coming months, as some individuals were turned off by the need to completely buy the equipment, on top of financing the vehicle. This is no longer necessary with the financing options, and it can completely transform a garage, or any other desired location, into a complete charging facility, all with the professionally installed equipment.

A buyer of the charger is able to finance the equipment over the length of their auto loan. If the individual purchased the vehicle with a five year loan, they are able to spread the payments of the equipment, which costs right around $2,000 for the installation and equipment, over the entire length of the loan.

On top of this, should the individual leas the Leaf, instead of buy it, they are still able to finance the charging equipment over the course of their signed lease. This makes paying off the equipment and installation fee for the charging hardware that much easier, and makes affording the necessary material easier to do.

Nissan believes this is going to help drastically increase sales and lease offers for the equipment, as now the owners and lease holders of the hardware no longer have to pay for the items out of pocket. This way, all parties involved are able to benefit from it.


Wanna get charged up with a new Nissan Leaf? Your Nissan dealer in MA can help! Check out our video below, then visit a dealership today.