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2013 Nissan Armada’s Vast Array Of Storage Features On Display At Nissan 24 Near Boston

2013 Nissan Armada's stunning interior in Brockton, MA

Do you have a big family that enjoys trips to the countryside? Are you a transporter who is required to carry large amounts of cargo every now and then? Do SUV’s take your breath away with their gigantic sizes, comfy interiors, adventurous spirit and steady strength?

If your answer is a resounding yes to any of the above questions then Nissan might have the perfect offering for you. Your local Nissan Armada dealer in MA offers this one-of-a-kind full-size SUV that is not just meticulously crafted for families and transporters, but also for the adventurers and travelers who like to have their automobiles provide them with ample storage space for their luggage and other essentials.   

Interior of the 2013 Nissan Armada in Boston Besides being equipped with a roaring engine and impressive agility, the 2013 Nissan Armada also gives you the much sought-after benefit of effective storage spaces. So if you’re looking for an SUV that provides you with the convenience of letting you store all those little knick-knacks like water bottles, cosmetics, accessories, camp ware, boxes etc., then you need not look beyond the Nissan Armada.

A decent-sized glove box that can be locked up using the master key, a deep and wide console box right between the two front seats and a tiny storage tray right at the bottom of the instrument panel are just a few of the places provided by your Nissan Armada dealer in MA, where you can stash away your packets of food, important papers and other essentials safely.

Nissan Armada also comes equipped with various cup holders (a total of 6) at different locations inside the vehicle along with bottle holders in the wide enough map pockets present on all four doors of the Armada thus allowing you to enjoy your drinks with comfort. The sunglasses holder will effectively take care of your beloved pair of glares and can be smoothly accessed thanks to its instant release motion at the push of a button.

If this is not all, the car also comes with a generously sized overhead console where you can further store your emergency food and drinks as well as your other secret stuff.

The cargo area is huge and wide, one of the best features of the luxurious Nissan Armada will catch your sight as soon as you’ll step into this beauty.

The cargo area comes equipped with luggage hooks thus enabling you to keep your goods straight and steady through ropes tied on to these hooks. There is an extra storage area at the bottom of the cargo area at the rear end. You can comfortably put away all your tools in this particular area which will also be the home to your Armada’s jack tool kit. So what are you waiting for? Nissan Armada in MA is your perfect companion for all those adventure trips, journeys and cargo hauling times that come with Nissan’s long legacy of quality, strength, reliability and great after sales service.


Want to see more of the Nissan Armada in MA? Check out our video below or visit a dealership today!