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Nissan Xterra vs. Toyota FJ Cruiser: Which is Better In Snow?

Both the Nissan Xterra and Toyota FJ Cruiser are great vehicles in their class, but if you want to know which one would be better in the snow, there are a few things to consider.

Some basic things to consider when looking at a Nissan Xterra Boston, MA can provide are reliability, build quality, weight, off-road capability, on-road noise levels, gas mileage, comfort, storage, towing and whether it is a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Another factor is to consider is the driving style of the driver as well as experience.

2012-nissan-xterra-boston-nissanThe Nissan Xterra pulls heavier loads than the Toyota FJ Cruiser, but both of them have almost identical horsepower. The Nissan Xterra transmits power to its wheels more effectively than the Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Xterra has tighter maneuverability than the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It is difficult to determine which handling is better because it can be easy to spin out of control on the snow if the steering is super sensitive, but super sensitive steering allows you greater amount of control if used properly. Both have similar miles per gallon with the Xterra having slightly more efficiency at 22 miles per gallon.

The Nissan Xterra is offered in four-wheel drive or both rear-wheel drive configurations; the same applies to Toyota FJ Cruisers.

Overall, the Nissan Xterra would be ideal for the snow because it offers everything that the Toyota FJ Cruiser offers and more. The Xterra is easier to drive and steer, gets better fuel economy, and is more comfortable than the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

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