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New Price Cuts on Nissan Leaf Expected to Boost Sales

With several more electric vehicles set to debut in the next year, current electric vehicles are looking for ways to become more attractive to potential buyers, and this is done through price costs. The Nissan Leaf in Boston is one of these cars searching for a way to boost sales, and one method the company has come2013-Nissan-Leaf-blue-front-three-quarter up with is reducing the overall cost of the Nissan Leaf to consumers.

The car is set to begin production in Tennessee, so it does not require as many resources to ship the product overseas, which does help with the cost of the vehicle, while the technology for rechargeable batteries is also improving, allowing for less expensive hardware.

Currently, all models of the Nissan Leaf qualify for a $7,500 income-tax credit, plus other local, state and corporate incentives, making the car even less expensive than the sticker price (although it may take the better part of a year to receive the return on investment). In the state of California alone, the Leaf qualifies for a $3,500 purchase credit, plus the ability to access carpool lanes throughout the state.

For those individuals who don’t want to buy the Leaf outright, but would rather test it out with a lease first, Nissan is offering three-year leases starting at $199 a month. The prices for the purchase models are about $3,000 less than the previous year, and Nissan is betting the reduces price is enough to bring in more customers to the vehicle and greatly expand upon the number of sales it makes in 2013. The reduction is roughly 10 percent of the total cost, so Nissan is set to wait and see just how much, if any, sales increase.

Although the lineup of current available electric vehicles is slim, the market is expanding and new models are set to become available starting later this year. In order to bring in new clients to the vehicles, different electric manufactures are looking for ways to tip the scales in their favor. Nissan is betting a 10 percent reduction should work for the company.

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