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Nissan Sentra SE vs Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla

We enrolled several well known cars within the same class, for this wheel-to-wheel suburbanite battle mission and the contenders are: the all-revamped ’01 Honda Civic EX, the invigorated ’01 Toyota Corolla S, and the unique-for-2000 Nissan Sentra SE–all economical choices for consumers. Indeed, all of the contenders have clean-running and thrifty four-chamber motors and are all EPA-arranged “reduced”. They all have a strong reliability record and offer extensive security options.  So how do they all stack up against the new 2013 Nissan Sentra.

nissan-sentra-se-bostonEach of these vehicles have made a ton of progress and improvements over the years. Every last one of the vehicles have window stickers underneath $18,000: LEV- (or preferable) affirmed 125-hp, in addition to motors with aluminum pieces and chamber heads (two with variable valve timing), four-wheel non-freezing brakes, double front and front-traveler-side airbags, tilt directing wheels, mill in-dash multi- CD players, discontinuous wipers, and power windows/door locks/mirrors. Most are no longer simply extravagance auto enhancements; customers have come to expect nothing less than these standard options and all auto manufacturers have responded making these standard features.

This trio all come from colossal dealers, as well. In ’99, the Honda Civic sold a class-heading 318,308; Toyota Corolla was useful for 249,128; and the Nissan Sentra range in at 53,438–enormous numbers indicated that customers are satisfied with all three vehicles. Seven out of each 100 autos sold in the US was one of these three models.  All offer a little fun as well –every one of our testers enjoyed the sportiness of all three models.

However, overall the 145-hp engine in the Nissan Sentra SE, with its 18- 20-hp had an advantage over the other two because it was undoubtedly the fastest. We took all three models down the expressways at (or above!) posted speed breaking points with a surprisingly fast 7.9- sec 0- 60-mph sprint on its course to a 16.0- sec/85.5-mph quarter- mile run. After the Nissan Sentra SE which was the snappiest, the 125-hp Corolla S came in second with 60 mph in 8.8 sec, and last was the 127-hp Civic at two clicks behind at 9.0 sec. Games autos they’re not, yet a long ways from the “street furniture” that passenger autos used to be, with 0-60 frequently taking 15 -20 seconds all of these offered extreme performance.

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