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Where to Get Resident Parking Permits in Boston

Once you have your new Nissan, you might want to stay inside it and spend all your time behind the wheel driving around beautiful Boston. Nevertheless, eventually you have to head home and park.

However, as all Boston residents know, finding a parking space on the street in your neighborhood can be difficult.

That is the reason Boston’s city officials created a program to help you find a parking spot on your street.

In residential neighbor
hoods, the city designates many of the on-street spaces as “Resident Parking Only.” All you need to park your Nissan in one of those spaces is a Resident Parking Permit. The permit increases the chance of finding a space to park on the street in your neighborhood.

When you find your spot, parking is a breeze because of the responsive handling of all Nissan models.

However, Nissan has additional exciting new technology to help you safely park.

For example, the 2013 Nissan Altima makes parking foolproof with its moving object detection technology.

The technology works by showing you a video image of the area surrounding your Altima. Four cameras mounted in various places on the vehicle provide the image on your display monitor.

This new technology gives you a high-resolution image. It also emits an audible signal if the system detects a moving object within the image area, which is especially handy when pulling out of your parking space.

Nissan also has technology designed to suppress the speed of the car if you accidentally step on the gas instead of the brake. The technology means the vehicle might actually detect the problem and correct for it before you realize it happened. This technology protects you and any passengers or pedestrians. Pedal misapplication causes the majority of low-speed car accidents while parking.

All qualified Boston residents, not just Nissan owners, can obtain their permit from the Office of the Parking Clerk, Room 224, in City Hall. There is no charge for the Resident Parking Permit. The parking program initiative also sets aside a smaller number of spaces on residential streets for “Visitor Parking” for guests.

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