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Road Trip Through New England to See Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage in New England

There is nothing as breathtaking as going for a drive to look at the changing of the leaves during the fall. Everyone might have their personal spot to do this, but here are a couple of suggestions for those who want to view the fall foliage in New England.

Portsmouth, NH Road trip
This former state capital has not only a rich historical value to vacationers, but also one of the best sites to witness fall foliage. It frames gorgeous old-fashioned streets that give visitors a picture-perfect view of the changing foliage.

new englandWalden Pond, MA Road trip
The refuge for poet Henry David Thoreau is an excellent spot for visitors to witness the fall leaves change colors before their very eyes. The cabin Thoreau built still stands and reflects off the water, along with the leaves from the trees. It is a beautiful place to commune with nature and witness the changing of leaf colors. One can fully appreciate why Thoreau made his home in this spot when they see this wondrous sight.

Stowe, Vermont Road trip
There is not a person alive who can say they do not enjoy driving through Vermont looking at the changing foliage in the fall. Stowe is a charming town in the northern section of the state that attracts visitors from all over New England. The long, winding roads of Stowe, framed with colors of red, gold and orange from the trees leading to Mount Mansfield is truly a sight to behold. It is specifically nice with that chill in the air.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts Road trip
Although this may sound strange, a cemetery such as this one is an excellent place to view the fall foliage as it changes colors. The different types of trees framing the cemetery have various shades of orange, red and gold leaves that gently fall of the gravestones, creating a somber yet peaceful atmosphere. It actually makes the cemetery a more inviting place when the fall colors are changing. It is a good place to visit to witness this color change.

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