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Massachusetts Cell Phone Laws

Each year, more than a million driving accidents can be linked to cell phone use while driving. Drivers who talk on a cell phone while driving are four times more likely to cause a crash; those who text while driving are eight times more likely to cause a wreck. Faced with these statistics, many states have passed special laws governing cell phone use for drivers. What cell phone laws govern drivers in the state of Massachusetts?

The Law for Massachusetts Drivers

Currently, there is no law banning or even discouraging adult drivers from talking on cell phones while driving. There is, however, a statute banning text messaging while driving. Additionally, drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using cell phones or any oth
Cell Phone Laws Massachusettser mobile electronic devices while driving. Bus drivers are also not allowed to use cell phones while driving a bus.

Penalties for Breaking the Law in Massachusetts

Cell phone and text messaging violations are all considered primary offenses; police officers can pull a driver over for violating these statues even in the absence of other traffic violations, such as speeding. Violations are punished with a series of escalating fines, depending upon the violation.

Laws for Minors Driving in Massachusetts

A minor who violates the cell phone ban for the first time will be fined $100, have his license suspended for 60 days, and be forced to take a safe-driving course. Each subsequent violation carries a heavier fine and a longer license suspension, up to a maximum $500 fine and a year-long license suspension.

Texting While Driving Laws in Massachusetts

The first violation of the text-messaging ban will earn the offender a $100 fine. After the second offense, the fine ramps up to $250; the third and any future offenses will cost the offender $500. This texting ban applies to all drivers; even law enforcement officers are not exempt from the ban.

Bus drivers who violate the cell phone law are fined $500 for each offense. The cell phone ban is total; even using a hands-free device while operating a bus is banned.

Avoid expensive fines and keep yourself safe by following the laws and guidelines set down by the state of Massachusetts.

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