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How to Charge My Nissan Electric Leaf at Home

The 2013 Nissan Leaf offers a home charging station that can be installed easily in your garage. It provides charging ease for your Leaf electric car  for Boston residents. It is just as easy to hook up the electric charger as it is to pump gas, but it takes seconds not minutes. Since you can use a charging timer, you can be fast asleep when the Leaf actually begins to recharge. It will stop when it is fully charged, and no electricity will be wasted. In fact, automated charging allows you to charge the Leaf at lower utility rates often offered in the middle of the night.

2013-Nissan-LeafAcross the country, electric charging stations have sprung up. There are some 6,500 and counting. Many of these are located in the Providence and Boston corridor, making them convenient to many Brockton drivers. Of course, the Leaf comes predisposed to hold its charge for up to 109 city miles or 92 highway miles. The EPA has measured it against gas-powered miles to reach these figures. To reduce energy usage, the Leaf employs LED headlights. LEDs require 50 percent less power than standard headlights. An optional solar rear spoiler can provide extra power for the HVAC or stereo.

The Leaf is not a hybrid. It doesn’t carry the extra weight of a gasoline tank. It doesn’t use the typical space-hogging, heavy hybrid battery. This, too, makes the Leaf go further on a single charge from your home charging system. The body was engineered flat underneath with a rear diffuser and a front spoiler. This design resists drag, increasing the car’s endurance. Owners can activate the heat or air remotely, which actually preserves energy as well.

Nissan engineers have worked to make the Leaf as comfortable as possible. Standard heated front seats, back seats and steering wheel make this vehicle a great choice for cold Massachusetts winters. Speed sensitive steering and electronically tuned handling are like copilots for the driver, providing responsive gear shifting and faster braking as well as traction control.

The Nissan Leaf is an excellent choice for busy drivers and daily commuters.

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