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FAQ About Massachusetts E-Z Pass

You can save money while driving your new Nissan by applying for a Massachusetts E-Z Pass. The Massachusetts E-Z Pass is used for quick and economical electronic toll collection. Simply affix the Massachusetts E-Z Pass to the front windshield of your new Nissan, and you’re ready to go.

When you open your Massachusetts E-Z Pass account, you will assign a credit, debit, or checking account number to it. You will then be charged the initial $20 payment for an individual account. Tolls are automatically deducted from this amount.

Massachusetts E-Z Pass makes it easy to know when you need to add more money to your account. When your balance falls below a certain threshold, you will see a yellow “Low Bal” light when you go to use your E-Z Pass. This lets you know that it’s time to add more funds to your account.

Making a payment to your Massachusetts E-Z Pass account is simple. There are multiple customer service centers, including one in East Boston, where you can go to add money to your account via cash or a credit/debit card. You can also mail in your payment to the EZPass MA Customer Service Center.

Having a Massachusetts E-Z Pass account can drastically reduce the amount of money that you pay on tolls. Pass customers receive a discount of 25 cents at the Allston-Brighton tolls and a 50 cent discount at the Tobin Memorial Bridge and the Ted Williams and Sumner tunnels. There are also special programs available for deeper discounts. Some users of the Massachusetts E-Z Pass may also benefit from an income tax deduction.

The Massachusetts E-Z Pass transponder is incredibly easy to mount on your Nissan. Simply peel back the plastic film and affix the transponder in the interior of your windshield to the right of the arm that holds your rear-view mirror. This will give the best visibility for an accurate toll read. It is important to make sure that your windshield is dry and clean when you go to make the installation, and also that you do not affix it on top of any tinting. Installing the transponder on top of window tinting may make it more difficult to get an accurate toll read.

There are many benefits to installing the Massachusetts E-Z Pass transponder to your Nissan. It’s an easy way to save both time and money and is highly recommended to any Nissan owner.

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