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Driving An Electric Car in Boston is a Snap!

Nobody ever said driving in Boston is easy. With one way streets, tunnels, and dead ends galore, Boston is not an easy place to drive in any car. Besides the historic roads and beautiful neighborhoods, Boston is also known for its environmental friendliness and the steps it has taken to reduce its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, among other things.

One of Boston’s green initiatives is the installation of electric car charging stations throughout the City. In the summer of 2012 the city installed 3 charging stations outside of City Hall, and Brookline placed a few in Coolidge Corner. Couple these locations with an in-home charging solution and you get a pretty easy electric car lifestyle.

In-home charging offers another option for electric car charging in the City of Boston. The Leaf can get a full charge in your garage in 7 hours, making an overnight charge a snap. Chances are you won’t even need to use an external charging station at all!

Using a public car charging station does have its benefits though. Parking at these stations costs nothing or in some cases the normal meter fee, but the electricity is almost always free! Plus these spaces are open more often than not. Take all of these conditions together and you are left with free gas, a reserved metered parking space, and the peace of mind that your driving is producing no emissions. Plus you’ll turn heads left and right in that new electric car.

So we’ve established the ease of charging an electric car in Boston, but what about the car itself? It has a number of advantages for driving in the City of Boston, including a compact size for those tight parallel parking spots, a fast recharge, and a roomy, fully loaded interior. You can even link your car up to your smart phone to check its charge, the range available for driving, and set up things like climate control remotely.

Clearly, driving an electric car in Boston can be fun and easy. Let the experts at www.nissan24auto.com show you how to get into the electric lifestyle.