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Common Things You Should Do Once a Month to Maintain Your Nissan Vehicle

Driving through Boston can be a number of things: fun, exciting, routine, frustrating, and confusing are all adjectives people have used to describe it. But whether you live in Boston or live in one of its surrounding cities, your vehicle needs the same kind of maintenance.

Many drivers wait until their car develops a problem to have maintenance performed, but this kind of action is what lessens a vehicle’s lifespan and makes it unsafe. Certain maintenance tasks should be performed routinely, whether or not you’ve noticed any problems. You’ll be thankful you did!

Here are some common things you should do once a month to maintain your Nissan

Check your car’s oil level every month. It only takes a minute. Get out the dipstick and make sure you’ve got enough oil.

Check your brake fluid. Proper levels of brake fluid are necessary to keep your brakes functional. Cars like the 2013 Nissan Altima have top-of-the-line ABS brakes, and you’ll want to make sure they stay in good shape. Monitoring your brake fluid is essential for this.

Check your power steering fluid. Many new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles have power steering. Without the right power steering fluid, maneuvering your car will become more difficult and other problems may arise.

Check the engine for any leaks. Most fluids in your car do not get used up, so if levels are low, there may be a leak. Leaks can devastate engines and, if they are severe enough, can render a car irreparable. Your Nissan Titan’s powerful V8 engine could be damaged badly by a leak, so monthly checks are critical.

Check your wiper fluid and windshield wipers. Don’t touch the wipers with your fingers as this can cause them to deteriorate faster, but look closely for wear. Replace the fluid if necessary and get new wiper pads if yours are worn. Regular replacement of wiper fluid and pads can save lives, so it’s important to do.

Whether you drive around Boston in a new Nissan, a pre-owned Nissan, or any other car, you still need to do all of these monthly checks. Regardless of how new or advanced your car is, it will still need the same types of care. Taking an hour or so once a month to maintain your vehicle will prolong its life and enhance your safety.